Greatest Friend is a Vintage Atelier who has been selling direct to public, as well as servicing designers, wardrobe and stylists with inspiration since inception.

Re-established in 2018 with a move home from the U.S. back to New Zealand, Greatest Friend has been the business of Angela Winter Means since 2009. 

The collection is ever-evolving but has always specified lessening our collective carbon footprint in offering pre-exisiting garments,  vintage & historic, natural fibre and thoughtful makers with no label bias.  Pre requisite is given to beautiful textiles and supreme workmanship, wearability & relativity.  Details, form and shape are also prevailing features within the collections.  

With a background in music, working for some of the worlds most ground breaking and authentic talents such as SUNN0))) Earth, Peaches, Stephen Malkmus, Circle & Marissa Nadler,  and with an explorative heart embedded in creative movements,  Angela left the music world and went back to her childhood-first love of dressing.

As one of only 20 vintage sellers originally featured on the platform Etsy,  Angela was a first at presenting curated collections.  The specialness offered by Greatest Friend,  is that the collections span across decades and movements, coming together as inspiring & unique, each collection like a good book.

The drive to sell vintage came about after researching for a clothing line and finding that it would be less impact and more fun just to use what was already here. Sustainability has always been a focus and drive so it was a match made in heaven. 

Personal shopping & styling services are on offer for professional women and creative styling is also a service, please see Archive for visual tendencies. 

Transparency in design and supporting thoughtful makers is important here too, so such designers; Anaak Collection and Wol Hide feature as part of the Greatest Friend collections.  Both of these designers source their textiles and produce their garments ethically.