Greatest Friend is essentially a vintage atelier who has been selling direct to public, as well as servicing designers with inspiration and buying for wardrobe and stylists since inception in 2010. Re-established in 2018 with a move home to New Zealand after 17 years in America, Greatest Friend has been the business of Angela Winter Means since 2010 and now includes not only vintage clothing and home wares, but also the useful offerings of thoughtful makers, so we can support and share the work of our community.

The collection is ever-evolving and has always specified lessening our collective carbon footprint first, in impeccable style and thoughtfulness.

Pre-requisite is given to the quality of workmanship, the stories behind the makers and designers & the relativity today - in what’s interesting, required and available to us. With a vast background in music production, having worked as a tour manager and booking agent with experimental, heavy and psychedelic artists from Japan, Europe, America and New Zealand - you will naturally feel threads of these cultural impacts resonating here.

As one of only 20 vintage sellers originally featured on the platform Etsy,  Greatest Friend was a first at presenting curated collections in 2007.  The drive to sell vintage came about after researching to begin a clothing line and finding that it would be more environmentally friendly - and fun - to use what was already here.

regular web updates / collection drops coming soon.

contact: Angela Winter Means, for creative solutions in dressing, styling, interiors or wardrobe.