Greatest Friend is a Vintage Atelier who has been selling direct to public, as well as servicing designers with inspiration and buying for wardrobe and stylists since inception.

Re-established in 2018 with a move home from the U.S.A back to New Zealand, Greatest Friend has been the business of Angela Winter Means since 2010. 

The collection is ever-evolving but has always specified lessening our collective carbon footprint in offering pre-exisiting garments with no era or label bias.  Pre requisite is given to quality of the textiles and workmanship, wearability & relativity.  Everything is contemporary or about to be so. Details, form and fit are important.

With a background in music production, working as a tour manager for innovative leading talents such as SUNN0))) Earth, Peaches, Stephen Malkmus, and as stage manager on the LA ATP Festival headlined by The Stooges and curated by Sonic Youth, also with an earlier stint at Flying Nun Records and College Radio in New Zealand, Angela finds inspiration in music with an explorative heart embedded in creative movements.

As one of only 20 vintage sellers originally featured on the platform Etsy,  Greatest Friend was a first at presenting curated collections.  The specialness offered is that the collections span across decades and cultures, with a respectful knowledge of origin.

The drive to sell vintage came about after researching for a clothing line and finding that it would be low impact and more fun just to use what was already here. Sustainability has always been a focus and drive so it was a match made in heaven. 

Creative consulting, wardrobe, buying & other styling services have also become part and parcel of the Greatest Friend story.

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